KEYNOTE – October 17th | 10am-10.30am

Your Data’s multi cloud journey

How to store, search and manage data when using hybrid or multi cloud? Discover the advantages of not choosing a unique cloud provider.

Bradley King – Field CTO @ Zenko / Scality

As Field CTO , Brad works with the largest systems Scality is deploying around the world. These include multi-petabyte, multi-site systems, with hundreds of servers. Brad is one of the co-founders of Scality and is helping guide the product strategy. Brad began his multifaceted career as a naval architect with the French navy, performing numerical simulations of ship capsize and waves around large ships. He then joined a Schlumberger research lab in Paris for several years, where he worked on turbulent fluid dynamics, laboratory automation, large-scale parallel numerical simulations, and new internet technologies, which included monitoring of NCSA projects (such as Mosaic) funded by Schlumberger. “From the day we started, Scality has been about massive scale. Now scaling the company to meet the demand for software defined storage and digital transformation has introduced another set of exciting challenges to conquer.” In 1999, he and a partner started the Paris office of, a provider of email software. After merged with, Brad continued with the new company, Openwave, in a pre-sales position working with fixed and mobile operators throughout Europe, selling messaging solutions, WAP gateways, MMSCs, embedded handset software, and location-based solutions. He joined Bizanga Labs in 2008 as an architect designing messaging security systems and large distributed storage systems. Brad holds a PhD degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from the University of Michigan.

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