KEYNOTE – 17 octobre | 10h30-11h

Building a modern Data Platform in the cloud

Modern data is massive, quickly evolving, unstructured, and increasingly hard to catalog and understand from multiple consumers and applications. This session will guide you through the best practices for designing a robust data architecture, highlighting the benefits and typical challenges of data lakes and data warehouses. We will build a scalable solution based on managed services such as Amazon Athena, AWS Glue,and AWS Lake Formation.

Sébastien Stormacq – Senior Technical Evangelist @ Amazon Web Services

Seb is inspiring builders to unlock the value of the AWS cloud, using his secret blend of passion, enthusiasm, customer advocacy, curiosity and creativity. Seb worked as consultant and pre-sales engineer for the last 20+ years with large enterprises and startups helping them transform business requirements into technical solutions, unlock the value of middleware, mobile applications, and scale systems to meet customer demand. Before joining the AWS Evangelist team, Seb built & lead the AWS technical training team in EMEA, and the Alexa solution architecture team in UK, France, Italy and Spain. Seb is a regular blogger on his personal web site and on Medium.

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